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LIGHT S&T Graduate Program  /  International Master Light S&T Graduate Program - 2021 Call for applications - Second year
publié le 19 mai 2021

The Master of the Light S&T Graduate program  is an international and interdisciplinary master focusing on « Light, Matter and iNteractions » (LMN). It aims to provide high-level education and training in English in the fields of:

Lasers and photonics; Extreme Regimes of light ; Biophotonics and imaging ; Material for photonics ; Quantum sciences and quantum technologies ; Condensed matter ; Nanosciences ; Optoelectronics ; Photochemistry ; Molecular photonics.


The following documents are required for the application:

  • - A Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.) or Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) If you have not yet finished your current academic degree, you may apply likewise with a preliminary transcript of records including all completed courses thus far;
  • - A comprehensive curriculum vitae (CV). Please list all stages of your education in chronological order. Further, we need a clear statement about your current status and/or occupation including information on current employments, unemployment, or parental leave;
  • - A cover letter (600 words at maximum and to be typed);
  • - A transcript of records with marks;
  • - Your high school (=secondary school) leaving certificate with marks;
  • - A copy of your passport;
  • - A proof of English proficiency by:
    • TOEFL , TOIEC, IELTS or an equivalent English test (minimum points/grades);
    •  Cambridge English Proficiency (CPE) exam or Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) exam.
    • language exemptions: The following students are exempted from providing the proof of English proficiency : - Nationals from the USA, U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or Canada, or - BSc and MSc graduates who obtained their qualification in one of these countries.

  • If applying for a scolarship, two additional letters of recommendation from professors are required.