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Pre-recruitment Chairs  /  Call for a chair position on Bioengineering and Tissue Engineering with a focus on bio- and 3D printing
publié le 08 janvier 2021

Applications are open to specific fields. This call concern a position on Bioengineering and Tissue Engineering with a focus on bio- and 3D printing (Health Sciences and technologies department and College of Science and Technology). Please find more information in the document section. 

This scheme aims to facilitate the recruitment of young lecturer-researchers on the basis of job profiles pre-identified by the institution in emerging and highly multidisciplinary disciplines or where there are strong international stakes. The scheme is part of a talent management policy shared with partner institutions, particularly research organizations. 

In this pre-recruitment chair system, the successful candidate will first be recruited on a fixed-term contract as a lecturer-researcher, during which his/her work will be monitored and evaluated according to the criteria defined during recruitment. The success of the evaluation could lead to a statutory lecturer-researcher position via the standard recruitment procedure (competitive procedure).

Candidates for the Chair are also encouraged to apply for other French and international funding that can be combined with the funding from the University of Bordeaux (ERC, ATIP-Avenir, ANR JCJC, etc....).

The chair will be funded for a period between three and five years maximum

The funding will cover the salary of the project leader for a maximum of 5 years. 
Project-related costs (running costs, equipment and/or for the recruitment of staff dedicated to the project) may complete the Chair's budget, within the framework of this program or within the framework of external funding (regional chair, Atip Avenir). Project related costs could be up to 200,000 euros on average for 5 years.


Eligibility criteria

Eligible candidates are researchers meeting the following criteria:

  • Two to six years of postdoctoral experience (doctorate obtained between 2 and 6 years). This period may be extended to a maximum of eight years upon duly justified request (maternity/paternity leave, career interruption, etc.) prior to application;
  • Outstanding scientific record (publications, patents, etc.);
  • Two years of international (minimum) experience (doctoral, post-doctoral level). In the case of a candidate already in Bordeaux laboratories, he or she must have been at the Bordeaux site for less than 18 months ;
  • Applicants must be supported by a local host laboratory and an education unit from the University of Bordeaux.


In order to submit your application, please follow these steps:

  • Identify the proper local scientific environment for your project;
  • Prepare your application by downloading Documents A, B and C from this platform;
  • Once all the requested documents are completed, go to the Chairs application page and fill in the application form;
  • Attach the requested documents in the indicated formats;
  • Submit the application online.

Evaluation process

Evaluations will be made on the basis of international criteria of excellence and in accordance with the French selection process of a lecturer-researcher position. 

Applicants will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • The matching profile to position
  • Scientific career, achievements and international recognition
  • The applicant's scientific project and its relevance to the scientific, innovation and pedagogical priorities of the site, taking into account the strategic priorities of the institution;
  • Capacity to acquire additional funding;
  • Perspectives in terms of the applicant's integration on the Bordeaux site in the medium and long term;
  • Teaching ability.

The Review process will then consist of two phases conducted by a selection committee:

  • After verification of eligibility, the project will be submitted for the opinion of international experts on which the selection committee will be able to rely.
  • The candidates will be invited to come to Bordeaux for an interview conducted by the selection committee. The committee will in particular have to evaluate the candidate's abilities to teach, to raise funds and to integrate into the Bordeaux campus.