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Détail de l'appel

Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program  /  International Mobility Call for Master students - 2021/2022
publié le 31 octobre 2019

The Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program offers additional fellowships to support short-term and long-term international mobility projects of all Master students in Neuroscience from Bordeaux University:

- Short term mobility projects (<2 months) to complete your training through practical workshops or laboratory visits

- Long-term mobility projects for compulsory M1 or M2 internships (between 2 and 6 months maximum)


How much?

- For short-term mobility projects, selected students will benefit from the following travel grants:


Travel grant 



350 €

Outside Europe

650 €


- For long-term mobility projects, selected students will benefit from a travel grant for mobilities outside Europe, and from a monthly grant necessary as a complement of the AquiMob grant (except for Idex program):



Total of monthly allowance including AquiMob grants

Travel grant 


650 €

350 €

Outside Europe

650 €

650 €

Requirements and selection criteria: 

-       Be registered as a Master student in Neuroscience at Bordeaux University

-    Demonstrate the quality and impact of the mobility according to the scientific project of the student

-    Get an official authorization to access the host laboratory/course short-term mobility projects


Application process: 

Online application hereby with the requested documents.


For short-term mobility projects, you can apply throughout the year, at least 4 months before planned departure. Fill this application form online with the requested documents (application form to fill; resume; cover letter; invitation/registration letter, all merged in a  UNIQUE MERGED DOCUMENT)


For long term-mobility projects:

Apply hereby online to our additional Graduate Program Fellowship at least 2 months before planned departure with the requested documents (application form to fill; CV; cover letter; internship agreement, all merged in a UNIQUE MERGED DOCUMENT) plus the proof of application to AquiMob. 



 you are required to apply to AquiMob first 


The selection committee will select mobility projects according to their quality and relevance to the student's scientific project, within the limit of the available funds.

- For short term mobilities, notifications will be given within two months

- For long-term mobilities, notifications will be given after Aquimob attributions.


More information

Read the attached document "Modalités d'aide à la mobilité internationale Master du Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program" for more details..